Pharmacy retail

Deal size: $103 millions

Sale of a New England Pharmacy Retail Chain consisting of more than 270 stores to one of the largest Canadian players in the pharmacy industry.

Sporting equipment retail

Deal size: $25 millions

Sale of a Quebec-based sporting equipment retailer to a Western Canada player.

Chemical products

Deal size: $112 millions

Sale of a manufacturer of plastic granules to an American player in the chemical product industry.


Deal size: $200 millions

Sale of a brass tubing business to a larger American player.

Pulp and paper forest products

Deal size: $300 millions

Many transactions, from sawmills consolidation, equipment manufacturers sale, wood floor manufacturers, and others.

Farming equipment

Deal size: Over $50 millions

Some completed transactions and Pending Transactions.

Information technology

Deal size: $55 millions

Divestiture process to sell the three subsidiaries of a large Information Technology Holding. The three subsidiaries were sold to three different players.

Wine industry

Deal size: $72 millions

Creation of a consolidated player in the production and the distribution of wine in Quebec. The transaction is the creation of a new entity built by the merging of three companies.

Distributor of building products

Deal size: $9 millions

Acquisition by a Private Equity investor.


Acquisition seeker

In addition to the above deals, NorCap has helped corporations identity targets in their respective industries. In this role, NorCap has been involved in the printing business, the aerospace sector, the furniture business, the media and many other areas.

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